Service Companies

Are you a service company in the IT space who dreams of owning and licensing their own software product? Or, have you already created a software product from a project but are struggling to get license sales on target? Or do you simply want to improve the margins and turnover of your existing professional services company ?

The journey to create a great business involves building a great value proposition and then joining up your sales, marketing, engineer and executive team on the same journey. It also involves a different focus on sales targets, pricing, geography and partners.

We can help

We have had a huge amount of experience in building  businesses. From inception of a business to it’s sale. From direct to indirect models. From national to international models. Not only can we use our experience to help you avoid some of the mistakes we made, we can introduce enduring disciples that will drive your business forward.

After we help you form your strategy we will then become a bit of a pain in the Ass. We will chase you and remind you, in the nicest ways, when the business gets pushed off track by operational issues.

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