Mike Hughes 

Mike is a successful CEO with over 25 years experience in running multi-national IT software and services businesses. He has run businesses from start up to disposal and has been involved in all aspects of the business during this process. He has created and run companies in the UK, USA, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, France, Australia and South Africa. The last two disposals, he has been involved in, have been multi million pound ventures, which delivered exceptional value to the owners. He has worked in private ownership situations and listed businesses and understands the best ways to maximize returns for owners and shareholders. He is an experienced leader, who is used to creating vision and cultures which motivate the teams within the business. He has intimate knowledge of sales, marketing, product management, product development, recruitment and financial processes. He knows how to connect all the parts of a business together and identify and eliminate weaknesses. He believes that people are the best assets in any business and understand the process of setting up and motivating high performance teams.

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