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King Vortigerns’ big hiring mistake

There is a tale, which may be one of the biggest hiring mistakes in history.In the 4th century, King Vortigern, who ruled Briton, was having real problems with the Picts (Scots) who kept invading into his territories (primarily south of Hadrian’s wall). So, he decided to hire the armies of the Saxons and the Angles to stave off their disruptive advances.

The story has it, that after they arrived, had a look around they decided they liked it and ousted poor old Vortigern, during the night of the long knives. In effect, the Angles took over and formed ‘Angle Land’ which is now known as England. In retrospect I think Vortigern may have regretted that particular decision.

This may be at the top end of hiring mistakes, but hiring mistakes are still one of the greatest costs any small business has to face today.

According to Robert Half:

·      56% of small business owners have settled for candidates that were not as qualified as they would have liked.

·      69% of businesses, which made wrong hire, lost time and money.

·      34% estimate wasting over 50 hours by hiring the wrong person.

·      Bad hires resulted in lower staff moral (38%), lost productivity (36%), monetary cost (25%) leaving 73% of businesses frustrated by the poor decision.

However, the figure that stood out most for me was that over 89% of small businesses agreed that the hiring process was overly time consuming. This often results of small businesses running out of time and hiring from the last CV to hand, rather than getting to choose the best. In effect they do not get to see the best people.

Solving this problem was one of the main drivers behind Hiire. Our mission is to improve the quality of candidates presented to small businesses whilst reducing the time that small businesses have to expend reviewing them.

We thought, would it be possible for software to pre-analyse an employers requirements and present the best candidates in an easy to use application.

So that is the software we have built! That is is what Hiire is. It is a software solution that focuses entirely on connecting the right people with the right jobs.

It is the nature of every person to error, but only the fool perseveres in error.

  Marcus Tulius Cicero (106-43 BC) Writer, politician and great roman orator.






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